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Moths are among Australia’s few pests that are completely harmless. Although these pests will not assault you, they can cause havoc with your linens. They will consume everything, whether it is a drape, carpet, clothing in your wardrobe, or anything else. All you have to do now is engage a professional moth control firm to address the problem in your house. 

You can call Pest Control Point Cook for exceptional moth pest control services. Also, our moth control Point Cook team is well-versed in the techniques used by moths to live and how to combat them. Their years of expertise enable them to give Point Cook’s best moth treatments. Employing us will then allow you to take advantage of a number of exclusive facilities at a low cost.

Facts That You Are Not Aware About Moths

  • Although There Are Nocturnal Moths. But Some Do Fly During The Day

Moths are thought to be nocturnal animals. But it isn’t true. Some moths are lively throughout the daytime as well. They’re confused for hummingbirds, butterflies, or blees. These insects eat nectar and pollen from the flowers. Also, they imitate bees and wasps.

  • Led Bulbs, Fruits, and Beer All Attract Moths

The best approach to view a broader variety of moths is to use a black light and a collection sheet. You could also use a moth-appealing recipe that includes old bananas, bad beer, and sugar to attract additional moths. Make a mixture of these things and apply it to a tree to see other kinds of moths.

  • There Are Moths Who Also Migrate

Moths, like others, like migrating from one location to the other in quest of food. However, they only fly at night. Moths dislike hot and dry conditions, which is why many migrate.

  • Most adult moths do not consume food

Although there are moths who suck nectar. However, adult moths do not have a mouth. So, they can not eat anything. When an adult luna comes out from the cocoon, he only has approximately a week to survive. Adult moths have only one mission: to bond and produce eggs.

  • The smell of a moth can be detected from a range of seven miles

Even though moths lack a nose. However, they still have a good sense of smell. With the assistance of their antenna, they detect the odour. Male moths can identify female moths from a distance of roughly 7 miles (11 kilometers) thanks to her feather-shaped and elegant antenna.

  • The moth provides a source of food for a variety of animals

The moth provides a source of food for a variety of animals. So, they exist as part of the food chain. The moth’s pupae phase is a caterpillar, that is a source of food for the majority of birds. It’s also used for meals in various nations. Caterpillars are high in protein, so they’re a good choice.

What are the Symptoms and Signs of a Moth Problem?

The existence of moths in-home or business settings may be highly aggravating. If you’re surrounded by moths, you’ll be able to detect a few of these problems.

  • Adult Moths hovering around inside your home

You’ll notice the amount of moths wandering or hovering around inside your current premises. If there is a huge outbreak, you will be able to see them in nearly every part of your home. 

  • Finding A Moth In Your Pantry

Inside your cupboard, moths continue to crawl and fly. They pollute the raw materials for food. For expert moth removal, contact Pest Control Point Cook.

  • Cocoon’s Presence

Before fully developing into a moth, the moth stays within a cocoon. If you discover any light-skinned silky stuff, this is a sign that moths are preparing to destroy your clothing and other belongings. 

  • Your Clothes Have a Hole in Them

If moths have taken up residence in your home, you will notice holes in your garments that are unsightly and uneven in appearance.

Why Hire Us For Moth Control?

  • You can appoint us according to your schedule.
  • Also, we offer top-quality moth caterpillar control services.
  • Moreover, you can book us in suburbs near Point Cook.
  • Furthermore, our moth control Point Cook professionals are always on-time.
  • We render commercial and residential winter moth control services. 
  • Our rates are upfront. Moreover, there are no hidden charges.
  • You can ping our customer service executives at any time. They will answer all your questions. 

Varied Moth Treatment Our Moth Control Point Cook Experts Offer

Home Moth Control Service

We render white cabbage moth control, codling moth control, pantry moth extermination, and all sorts of moth treatments. So, if you need a moth control in house then ping us now. 

Same-Day Moth Removal Service

Have problems with white moth in garden? Well, ping us to have our moth exterminators at your service. We take same-day bookings from our clients at the affordable prices. So, give us a ring now. 

Pre-purchase Moth Inspection

Go ahead with your plans of purchasing a new property. But first, hirs us for pre-purchase moth inspection services. We are attainable 24/7.

Emergency Moth Control Service

Ping us now for pest control carpet moths. Do not leave your current moth situation as it is for a long time. You can book us right now.

Restaurant Moth Control Service

Restaurants are very prone to building a moth infestation. Because restaurants are full of food supplies that moths love. Our company can help you eliminate moths from your restaurant. So, telephone us today!

Moth Removal And Inspection Service

Do not let these little creatures damage your food and clothes. Also, stop living around moth contaminated environments. Contact us now for moth inspection and moth removal services. 

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When it comes to moths, how long do they live?

Moths have a life expectancy of 70 to 90 days. The juvenile phase of moths needs 3 months to fully mature.

Why Do Moths Feed On Cloths?

Clothing is attractive to moths because it is comprised of animal fibers such as silk, wool, and cashmere. Also, clothes contain a significant quantity of keratin. It also serves as a food source for them.

Can I Employe Your Controllers In Seabrook?

Yes, you can employ our team anywhere near Point Cook.