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Have you been seeing a lot of wasps hanging in or around your house lately? Just don’t be worried. Pest Control Point Cook is at your disposal! We provide wasp removal services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our wasp removal Point Cook professionals are swift and alert in order to respond quickly. Wasps are not only frightening but also dangerous to everyone who comes into contact with them. Wasp stings provide an unpleasant sensation in the body that is excruciatingly painful. If the bite causes a life-threatening allergic response, it can be deadly. 

The sight of these pests in your home or business is a cause of fear for everyone. If you find just one wasp in your area, don’t think to reach out to us for help. We realize the importance of such events, which require speedy attention. As a result, our professionals will come to your home within a few hours after confirming your booking. They undertake a comprehensive evaluation of the wasp-infested area before removing the wasps using the most appropriate elimination method.

Why Should You Hire Professionals For Wasp Removal Service?

When trying to get rid of a colony, most people use methods like flaming it, putting it in water or hitting it with a bat. You should note that utilizing such methods will not prevent the infestation; instead, they will increase your chances of being bitten. And harassed by wasps, also, the danger of creating damage to property. For these factors. It’s vital to hire a professional wasp exterminator to provide efficient wasp removal services that also safeguard your home and office. The following factors contribute to the removal service’s effectiveness:

  • The specialist has previous expertise working in small spaces such as your basement or below your home. This lets them inspect and remove the nest using the best solution.
  • While inspecting your property, the expert is exposed to preventative gear and respiratory safety equipment. This helps in safeguarding and keeping them from any attacks.
  • Our experts are knowledgeable about a variety of wasp species. Moreover, they know how to properly inspect a home, how to perfectly carry out the wasp treatment, and how to identify if someone has an allergic reaction to a wasp sting. Furthermore, they are well aware of the habits of wasp species. This allows them to pick the best wasp pest control method.
  • Our wasp specialists have exclusive access to and training in the operation of our environmentally friendly protection equipment. They also have the training to effectively get rid of wasps without causing any harm to you or your property. 

Why Should You Pick Us For Wasp Treatment?

Pest Control Point Cook is the best wasp removal company in Point Cook. We have all sorts of wasp treatments to help our clients. Make an appointment with us shortly to remove wasps in your residence:

  • All our wasp exterminators have received certification and training.
  • The chemicals and cleaning products used to get rid of wasps are not harmful.
  • All of our pest management treatments are reasonably priced.
  • All of our customers in Point Cook receive prompt and excellent services from us.

Various Types Of Wasps You Can Find In Point Cook

European Wasps

  • These wasps have 2 sets of translucent wings, the first of which is significantly larger.
  • An European wasp worker can be anywhere between 12 and 17 mm in length.
  • Though the queen stays alive in the winter, the nest, along with the females and males, dies.
  • European wasps stingers are deadly.

Common Wasps

  • They have a reputation for being abrasive insects.
  • They range in size from 13 to 16 mm.
  • The common wasp flies around with its feet near to its chest and has 2 black antennae.
  • They have two pairs of wings, one of which is larger than the other.

The Native Paper Wasp

  • They are around 12 to 22mm in size.
  • One amongst 35 paper wasps spotted in Australia, including Point Cook, is the native paper wasp.
  • Their head is small, but their antennae and eyes are medium in size.
  • They do have a thin figure with a very tiny waist.

Yellow Jackets

  • They can sting constantly when disturbed.
  • They have 2 pairs of wings, each with alternating yellow and black stripes.
  • The queen is around 19 mm in length and the worker is around 15 mm in length.
  • They are capable of eating both human food and insects.

Tree Brown Paper Wasp

  • Their nests are usually built on the sides of building structures or inside hollow trees.
  • They can be seen on residential lawns, in woodlands, and in the woods.
  • The size of this Wasp species ranges from 0.9 to 12 mm.
  • The head, chest, and stomach are all yellow, with black or dark brown patterning.

Services We Offer To Our Customers For Wasp Treatments

  • Wasp Inspection And Removal Service

You can book us for wasp nest removal as well as wasp inspection. Our package deals are even more cost-effective. So, ping us now. 

  • Wasp Emergency Service

If our customers even fall in any uncertain wasp event, they can ping us for emergency wasp hive removal. Also, at affordable wasp removal costs. 

  • Same-Day Wasp Removal Service

If there is a requirement for underground hornet nest removal expert requirement. You can ring us up. We are always ready to serve our clients with top-notch services even on the same day of bookings. 

  • Restaurant Wasp Removal Service

There is a wasp nest in or near your restaurant that is interrupting your customers? Feel free to contact us for large wasp nest removal services. 

  • Pre-purchase Wasp Inspection

Wasps can create their hives in questionable places. Moreover, they are very good at hiding them. Make an intelligent move by booking us for a wasp inspection before you invest in a new property. 

  • Domestic Wasp Treatment

Having a wasp hive in your house exposes your family to a lot of dangers. So, book us now to get rid of wasps. Schedule us for home wasp control now. 

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Can I Book You In A Suburb Near Point Cook?

Yes, you can book us in all the suburbs near Point Cook.

Are You Available For Same-Day Services On Weekends?

Yes, feel free to book us on weekends for any wasp control service.

What Are The Smells That Are Hated By Wasps?

Wasps have a strong smelling sense. Therefore, they hate the smell of lemongrass, mint, vinegar, bay leaves, etc.