How To Keep Bed Bugs From Hitchhiking Home With You

Bed bugs are small in size but have the potential to disturb the peace and cause trouble and chaos. They love to bite and suck blood from our body and cause skin irritations, redness and infections. To curb bed bugs growth, it is necessary to contact pest control professionals as soon as possible because bed bugs reproduce in the blink of an eye and spread all over the place.

Bed bugs live inside wooden furniture such as sofas, couch, beds, etc. where they survive by eating wood. Thus, they cause massive property damage. To live a happy and stress-free life, a house should be bed bug-free. They love dirty and stinky places. Therefore, you should keep your beds and sofas clean, to keep bed bugs away.

Most of the time bed bugs enter our home because of our mistakes. They enter our houses via our bags, clothes, furniture, etc. Cleaning of the things that you get in your home is essential. A couple of bed bugs can multiply into hundreds. Therefore, regular bed bug control should be performed to keep bed bugs away from your premises.

To refrain from the entry of bed bugs in your home, you should be precautious and follow certain steps while going on hitchhiking this summer.

How To Keep Bed Bugs From Hitchhiking Home With You:

1. Whenever you travel to any place, you should add a flashlight and a plastic sized trash bag in your travelling essentials. When you enter any hotel room, you should check the bedsheets and mattresses for bed bugs. Bed bugs live inside places where it is dark and less disturbance. With the help of a flashlight, you should check under and inside furniture. If there are bed bugs in your hotel room, then you should change your room immediately.

2. If you are planning a long trip, then you should keep your laundry safe. The dirty and sweaty clothes should be washed and kept inside a plastic bag. Bed bugs love sweaty and dirty clothes. After cleaning your clothes, you should not keep them on the floor, and before folding clothes, check pockets and collars if there are any insects.

3. Look after your luggage carefully. Whenever you check into any hotel or motel room, you should keep your luggage zipped. If your suitcase or bags are kept open, then bed bugs might enter your luggage, and travel back with you to your home. It is better to keep the luggage inside plastic bags.

4. After returning from a trip, keep your luggage in a room away from your bedroom or keep it in sunlight. By doing this, if you carry bed bugs from your trip they do not enter your bedroom. Do vacuum cleaning of luggage to remove the hidden bed bugs from it. Wash all your clothes immediately and disinfect your suitcases and bags.

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